Monday, 11 February 2008

The pound’s weakness is having a detrimental effect on tourism.Many UK holidaymakers are shunning the Costas because of current exchange rates and travel firms say it has prompted many to opt for countries that are not in the single currency.Holidaymakers in Benidorm confirm the trend.“We think it’s stopping people from booking holidays to Euro countries. We recently booked to go to Egypt in August and that holiday has worked out cheaper than being in Benidorm, and we’ve only been here three days!” said Mr and Mrs Langley from Chester, who added: “Our friends back home are now choosing to go to Bulgaria and Croatia because you get more for your money.”Exchange offices are obviously feeling British holidaymakers’ discontent.Pedro Martínez from Eurochange in Benidorm’s Calle Ibiza told CBN: “I would say that 100 per cent of people that walk into this shop moan about the exchange rate. When they are in the UK they see they can exchange for 1.25, and here its 1.30, so they think it’s not too bad. But they realise they’re not getting as much as they thought or used to get. What they don’t realise is that last summer the exchange rate was nearly 1.50.



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