Monday, 5 September 2011


The bosses of Britain’s bailed-out banks are paid more than they were before the credit crunch struck, a damning report reveals today. The chief executives of the country’s basket-case lenders earned an average basic salary of more than £1.1million last year before bonuses or other benefits. Shockingly, this figure is an increase on the £1million average from 2007 – the year that the financial crisis struck, crippling Britain and plunging the country into recession. Despite the fact that they have the job of salvaging the banks propped up with more than £65billion of taxpayers’ money, they are among the best-paid executives in this country. Their average wage is almost more than 40 times that of the country’s average of £26,000 and it dwarfs the £142,500-a-year salary earned by our Prime Minister. When bonuses and other perks are included bank chiefs enjoyed average total earnings of £3.7million last year – The damning findings by the country’s leading pay experts are likely to anger British taxpayers, who are sitting on losses of £34billion in RBS and Lloyds – or £1,300 per household.



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